Jim Cornette Says Women’s Elimination Chamber Can’t Be Better Than The Men’s

Becky Lynch locks in Disarm-her on Tiffany Stratton through Elimination Chamber chains

Jim Cornette doesn’t believe women’s Elimination Chamber matches can be better than the men’s.

On February 24th, the 2024 Elimination Chamber event took place in Perth, Australia. The women’s Chamber match saw Becky Lynch, Liv Morgan, Tiffany Stratton, Raquel Rodriguez, Binaca Belair, and Naomi clash in the confines of the steel-link cage. In the end, Becky Lynch outlasted her opponents to claim victory and set herself on a collision course with Rhea Ripley for the Women’s World Championship at WrestleMania 40.

One man who didn’t watch the bout was legendary manager Jim Cornette, who claimed that “anything that Liv Morgan is in and emerges unharmed from cannot be dangerous.”

“To avoid not enjoying the Men’s Elimination Chamber match with 6 of the biggest individual stars in the company battling for a chance to face one of the World Champions of one of the main events of one of the nights of WrestleMania, I didn’t want to watch the Goddamn women do it first 2 hours beforehand. Because anything that Liv Morgan is in and emerges unharmed from cannot be dangerous in any way.”

When asked why he singled out Morgan in particular, Cornette said it was her participation that “exposed” the match.

“Because it’s the most preposterous that this little, tiny, minute, microscopic girly little girl is doing all these f***ing ridiculously supposedly dangerous, deadly and body-breaking things and just walking right away from it. It exposes the whole goddamn deal for everybody.”

“I don’t want to see girls in cages” – Jim Cornette Explains Why He Didn’t Watch Women’s Elimination Chamber Match

Cornette said he couldn’t watch the women’s bout as he doesn’t want to watch them in any type of hardcore match, saying it makes them look “phoney.”

“No, I can’t [watch it]. It can’t be [better than the men’s], because that just means they are doing obviously fake s*** to each other in a more accomplished manner than the men. I don’t want to see girls in cages and girls doing hardcore garbage matches and girls whacking each other with chairs and blunt instruments, because that just calls into attention it’s phoney when the guys do it and the guys are the ones drawing the f***ing money.

“[The women are the ones doing the moonsaults] They can keep those. I can buy that a young lady of these particular statures can do gymnastics. Not fight with goddamn martial arts weapons until one’s head should be caved in.

“I don’t enjoy it from an audience standpoint I look at it from a professional standpoint and from a promoter’s standpoint. And from a guy’s talent standpoint. If you have women, I’m sorry, young women, in most case very frail body weight. Tiffany Stratton, she’s 140 lbs, Becky Lynch is 120 lbs, she can talk.

“But you put them in cages and Elimination Chambers and furniture matches, it’s ridiculous. If it doesn’t kill them it’s phoney! The guys have made sure that it’s phoney too, they do too much of it, as we get to when we talk about AEW and those idiots with their suicidal tendencies. Again, you got 6 of the top stars in the company going for a shot at the world title in the main event of WrestleMania so you put their exact same gimmick match on earlier with girls! Pfft!”

Cornette did concede that the fanbase for the women’s division is on the rise.

“I will say one thing that is proven, they are making new fans, because if you gave a wrestling fan from 40, 30, 20, maybe even 10 years ago a 33-minute girls match when there are only 4 matches on the card, the fans would have burned the arena to the ground. Would they not?”

He is also pleased with the outcome of the match, if not the bout itself.

“Becky won and we want to see Becky and Rhea. I want to see the top girls in major matches that can actually perform. I don’t want to see a f***ing cast of chorus girls looking like deer on ice doing the kind of s*** the guys ought to be doing.”

Becky Lynch and Rhea Ripley have both given their thoughts on their clash at WrestleMania 40, with The Man warning The Nightmare that her time as champion was coming to an end.

H/T to Inside The Ropes for the above transcription.