Jim Cornette Praises New WWE Regime For “Correcting Mistakes”

Jim Cornette at ringside

Jim Cornette has made a rare gesture, offering praise to WWE management for the way they’ve handled certain “mistakes” since the new regime took over in July.

When Vince McMahon retired from his day-to-day WWE executive duties, it left a sizeable gap in the company that Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan, and Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque have done their best to fill. Fan reception to the new regime has been largely positive, with an emphasised focus on in-ring quality and more attention being put into certain talent and storylines.

There has also been a small change with relation to some in-ring monikers, with stars such as Matt Riddle reverting to their old names, while the likes of GUNTHER have had slight modifications made to resemble their previous ring names – in his case, he went back to all upper-case letters, a la his time as WALTER.

Jim Cornette has praised the new regime for this, using Max Dupri’s change back to LA Knight as a specific example on the latest Jim Cornette Experience podcast:

“They’re correcting mistakes, and the thing about LA Knight is, I like the fact that they’ve realized that they committed a crime against nature. Changing his name to Max Dupri, the whole [Maximum] Male Models thing, the Ma.çé and Mån.sôör – and by the way, those guys have to be so embarrassed. They’re going out on TV looking like that doing that sh*t. I bet you they don’t leave the house when they’re home, they’re afraid their neighbors will see ’em.”

Continuing, Jim Cornette claims WWE should have had a reason for LA Knight becoming Max Dupri and debuting his Maximum Male Models stable:

“I would have had to have given LA Knight some reason to impart to the people why he [did the Maxium Male Models thing] – obviously put it to bed, get over it, it’s the worst idea anybody’s ever had. But what was the reason that he went along with it for three weeks? There was no reason ever given as to why he did this stupid thing for four weeks or whatever.”

LA Knight returned to action on the October 14th Friday Night SmackDown with a victory over Mån.sôör.

H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling.