Jim Cornette Thinks Mandy Rose Should Join AEW

Mandy Rose

Jim Cornette has voiced his thoughts that former WWE star Mandy Rose should join AEW and wonders “who gives a f*ck about a little softcore porn?”

Mandy Rose was fired by WWE on the 14th of December, just one day after she lost her NXT Women’s Championship to Roxanne Perez on NXT television. The decision to fire Rose came after WWE had “absolutely no choice” but to take action due to the explicit nature of content Mandy Rose was producing on her paid subscription site.

Reports have suggested in the few days since Mandy Rose was let go by the company, she has earned over half a million dollars from her site alone. But Jim Cornette could see another wrestling company in Rose’s future.

Speaking on his Experience podcast, Jim Cornette advocated Mandy Rose becoming All Elite and thinks she would be one of the more talented members of the company’s female roster:

“Sunny was the hottest woman in the company at one time when they had five times as many viewers. Mandy Rose was one of the women in the company at the time when they got five times fewer viewers. So for a shorter period of time, she’s been you know, involved. So short term yes, but over the long period of time, people will move on to the next thing if she’s not careful. But AEW would be perfect.”

“Now that we’ve had a couple of days, think about it, you asked me before I said, well, you know, she can get in the ring without tripping over the ropes, so she would fit on the AW roster, you know, in the upper percentile. But in actuality, she’s been in their developmental programme for the past year and a half, and highly trained, she’s competent. She’s prettier than most of the AEW girls.”

“Toxic Attraction didn’t exactly trip my trigger. But, you know, if you’re into girl wrestling, you know, she would automatically be, I would think, one of the more not only attractive but well-trained, more experienced, and more competent members of the AEW women’s roster. And she’d only have to work once a week and my God again, they’ve had convicted felons, drug addicts bank robbers, who gives a f*ck about a little softcore porn?”

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