Jim Cornette Questions How WWE Uses Lacey Evans

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Jim Cornette has a strong opinion when it comes to WWE’s use of Lacey Evans leading him to ask: “Who did she p**s off?”

When Lacey Evans faced Smackdown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan on the September 23rd episode of Smackdown, she was in control for most of the match until Morgan managed to pick up the non-title match win.

After the Morgan-Evans match was over, Morgan beat up Evans with a kendo stick to promote Morgan’s “Extreme Rules Match” against Ronda Rousey on October 8th. Morgan also jumped off the ring post and put Morgan through a table at ringside.

Earlier this year when Vince McMahon was running creative, Evans was featured more heavily on Smackdown with promos telling her life story that led to her coming back as a heel. However, with Triple H running WWE Creative for the last two months, Evans has not been featured prominently.

During a recent episode of the Jim Cornette Experience podcast, the legendary wrestling manager spoke about the Morgan-Evans match while questioning why WWE is utilizing Evans that way.

“Who did Lacey Evans p**s off? That’s my question. Because I don’t know that I’ve seen a more talented female performer booked in such ridiculous, sh*tty ways ever from any company.”

“What are you supposed to think about her? They had her do those promos. Again, part of this I’m sure was Vince and some weird Vince idea that he had. They had her do the promos as the abused child and the military hero and the determined young woman which all led up to her being a heel. Because for some reason, and she’s great as a heel, but now they’re using her as f*cking cannon fodder for this Liv Morgan experiment of trying to make people believe that Liv Morgan is now or ever has been, or should be a professional wrestler.”

“So, Lacey Evans, she looks great. She’s got the size, she looks like a f*cking athlete. Her work looks pretty good, she’s got a tremendous heel attitude and great body language when she’s snatching the girl by the hair and taunting her and the f*cking trash talking. And she did what she could in this to make Liv Morgan look like she belongs somehow in the f*cking ring. I’m not saying that she accomplished that but she did what she could.”

“I can see Lacey Evans as the heel that’s being presented here without the weird backstory. Being on top of the female roster versus Charlotte or versus Bianca or versus Becky or versus Rhea or any of the, you know, the upper echelon women.”

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