Jim Cornette Comments On If He Hates Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels

Jim Cornette was asked recently about his thoughts regarding Shawn Michaels, which led to an interesting response from the legendary wrestling manager.

During his WWE run as a manager and backstage official in the 1990s, Jim Cornette was very familiar with Shawn Michaels. That was at a time when Michaels was a main event performer that won the WWE Championship for the first time in 1996 while Cornette managed the likes of Yokozuna and Vader among others.

At SummerSlam 1996, Michaels defended the WWE Title against Vader. It was a great match that had multiple false finishes, but Michaels found a way to win. Michaels was supposed to lose the WWE Title to Vader at Survivor Series 1996, but Michaels didn’t like working with the powerful big man, so it was changed to Sid.

Cornette has spoken many times over the years about not liking the person that Michaels was at the time with Michaels also talking many times about having a drug problem throughout the 1990s. In 2002 when Michaels returned to WWE, he was a changed man that talked about finding God, but by that point Cornette was not part of the WWE main roster and instead was working in developmental.

On a recent episode of his Drive-Thru podcast, Jim Cornette was asked if he still hates Shawn Michaels.

“No, I don’t know if I ever hated Shawn Michaels. I never felt about him the way I felt about sh*tstain or Donald Trump or any really egregious excremental excuse for a human being.”

“Just as he was a great worker, and I’ve said that great f*cking performer in the ring, just a goddamn annoying f*cking prima donna motherf*cker to be around, nasty to all my friends during the 90s, and then found God. Which I don’t believe in, so I don’t put as much faith in as everybody else when they’ve reformed. I say if you were that big of a prick before you’re probably always gonna be a prick.”

As he continued, Cornette made it clear he didn’t want to see anything bad to happen to Michaels.

“But I don’t hope that he gets run over by a bread truck and or falls off a cliff. And I’ve you know, whenever he is straight on television, I’m not talking about sober not sober. I’m talking about when he’s being a straight wrestler instead of making dick jokes and doing the DX reunions, I’ve never had a problem with watching Shawn Michaels’ matches.”

“It was just an annoying f*cking period of time in my life and a goddamn unprofessional f*ck to be around to get along with or deal with.”

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