Jim Cornette Hits Out At Ex-AEW Star’s CM Punk Remarks

Jim Cornette

Wrestling icon Jim Cornette has launched a verbal attack on a former AEW star following their remarks about CM Punk.

CM Punk has been a figure of great controversy in recent weeks following his scathing remarks at the AEW All Out press conference. That was followed by a physical backstage fight involving The Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and Ace Steel that led to several suspensions being handed out.

One star who has been outspoken about his dislike of CM Punk is now ex-WWE star and former NXT Tag Team Champion Bobby Fish. Fish laid bare his feelings about Punk on his podcast, offering to fight the former UFC competitor.

Now Jim Cornette speaking on his Drive Thru podcast has taken aim at Bobby Fish about those remarks and noted the only response he got on social media was the well-worn jokes about his age:

“Fish goes into ‘well my MMA is so much better than Punk’s cause he got his ass kicked!’ Noted UFC veteran, Bobby Fish, said this. I hate to hear this because I always thought Fish was a good talent, an adult, and serious. But now apparently he thinks he’s Bobby f*cking Gracie.”

“[This] then backfired on Bobby Fish, because all he got on Twitter in response to that was jokes about his f**king advanced age like ‘Hey, what could you have done? You couldn’t save Abraham Lincoln from John Wilks Booth!’”

h/t Inside The Ropes