Jim Cornette Calls CM Punk The “Most Popular And Unpopular Guy In AEW”

Jim Cornette CM Punk

Jim Cornette believes that whether they’re booing or cheering him, CM Punk elicits an emotional reaction from AEW fans.

CM Punk is back in AEW, and his return has certainly divided opinions. This was especially evident when he received resounding boos for his performance on the June 24th episode of Collision and at Forbidden Door, a stark difference from the cheers he received for his hometown return in Chicago.

Speaking on the latest episode of The Jim Cornette Experience, legendary manager Jim Cornette weighed in on Punk’s reception from the fans, saying he’s both the most popular and least popular person on the roster – but he elicits a strong reaction either way.

“And when they hear like Mussolini, they went out of their f*cking minds in both directions. And again now, they’ve ended up where their biggest star is now again, the most popular and most unpopular guy in the company. Because now he gets a more heel reaction than MJF does because while everybody enjoys booing MJF because he is a fabulous heel.

The little Buckaroo fans really are booing Punk because they hate him because he beat up their heroes. And the people that love punk are trying to conversely, out yell and out cheer and out, chant or whatever those assholes. And Toronto is where [the crowds are louder] but you couldn’t hear the music practically. They could have had my vocals on cold meat with extra cheese. Nobody would have noticed it was so loud.

But also they’re in Toronto and one of the one of the group that Punk turned away with f*cking, you know, their hat in her hand and her d*ck in her hand was Twinkle Toes who’s from Canada and they loved him here. And there’s a lot of soft little buckaroos in Toronto, apparently.”

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h/t Inside the Ropes