Jim Cornette Blasts Liv Morgan Segment That “Buried” Fellow Star

Liv Morgan

Jim Cornette has hit out at a recent segment on WWE television featuring Liv Morgan which he thinks “buried” a fellow WWE Superstar.

On the 21st of October edition of SmackDown former SmackDown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan went one on one with Sonya Deville in a match that ended in a double count-out. Following the match, Liv Morgan piled chairs into the ring and delivered a nasty superplex to Deville onto the chairs.

Speaking on his Experience podcast, Jim Cornette expressed how much he didn’t like this segment and says for having to lay there while Morgan collected her hardware, it buried Sonya Deville:

“Then here came Liv Morgan versus Cruella [Sonya] Deville. And as I mentioned, I was watching live and didn’t have the benefit of fast-forward. So I went to the kitchen and made something to eat. Because this minuscule little Barbie Girl is presented as a lunatic kicking the sh*t out of women twice her size is ludicrous.”

“And so I came back with my ham and cheese sandwich, and they got, both of them got counted out of the ring because Liv Morgan is bashing Deville’s head over and over into the steel steps despite the fact that you know, if you did that to [Deville] she would probably have a brain aneurysm and die. And then Liv goes under the ring and starts grabbing chairs and is grabbing chairs from ringside and tossing them in the ring and the crowd starts chanting we want tables. Because furniture is more important than the wrestlers they are watching.”

“[…] So while Liv Morgan is going to every nook and cranny around ringside trying to find chairs to throw in the ring. There’s Deville having to lay there staring at her, selling, wondering are you ever coming back to me you f*cking bleached blonde bimbo? It buried Deville. She had to lay there and wait forever and then she was still selling when here comes dipsh*t and picks her up and she pushed her to push [Deville] towards the ring and she had to roll in on her own while this vapid blonde tw*t is looking for more chairs.”

h/t Inside The Ropes