Jim Cornette Trashes Recent AEW Dynamite “Family Therapy” Segment

aew dynamite family therapy

Jim Cornette had made it known that he didn’t really like a recent AEW Dynamite “Family Therapy” segment involving the Tag Team Champions.

The AEW Tag Team Champions are The Acclaimed duo of Max Caster and Anthony Bowens, who have held the titles for about five months. Their manager/mentor is WWE Hall of Famer Billy Gunn, who has found a connection with the team while their “scissoring” gimmick is working really well in terms of getting the fans behind them.

In terms of storylines, Billy Gunn’s kids Austin and Colten aka The Gunns (or “Ass Boys” depending on who you ask) have become the top contenders for the titles.

On the January 25th episode of AEW Dynamite, there was a “family therapy” segment involving The Acclaimed, Billy Gunn and The Gunns. The segment was intended to air longer, but AEW cut some of it for time. The company posted an extended 6:16 version of the segment on YouTube as well.

While speaking on his Jim Cornette Experience podcast recently, Jim Cornette expressed his displeasure while watching this segment.

“And then the show was going well, but then it went in the toilet with what we just talked about [the opening tag team match], and it didn’t come out for this, The Gunns and The Acclaimed family therapy. And they’re gonna f*ck up and kill not only The Acclaimed and the whole thing with Billy, but forever pigeonhole his kids as dipsh*ts too if they’re not careful, because they’re gonna f*ck this up.”

“Because they didn’t need the concept of this, Billy is one of them to all sit down in family therapy with a therapist and talk about their problems and issues and whatever they have. What they did was this looked like, this wasn’t even sh*tstain Monday Night Raw stuff. This was sh*tstain TNA Impact stuff.”

“They got a girl therapist that overreacted, it wasn’t believable in any way. She did goofy double takes and phony facials. She was obviously either a rented model or some trainee or something because you don’t see young, attractive family therapists that look like that and overreact like that except on wrestling programs.”

“So you couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t legit. It was goofy, [Brian – also in porn]. And well, there you go, she would have made a great porn therapist. That was exactly what this acting level was about. And it was goofy to do it anyway, in this setting, family therapy. The Gunn boys had good material, but they didn’t mean it. They didn’t seem comfortable with it, or they should have got another few cracks at it. They were saying some things, their story was you were never there for us when we were kids, and now you know, they’re jealous of The Acclaimed.”

That’s a great thing that you can sink your teeth into, the jealousy amongst sons and the father who’s now associated with the other people blah, blah, blah. The best one in here was Anthony Bowens, he had some good sh*t and sounded like he meant it. Poor Max Caster should have gotten a beat, because his promo was not good. He needs to rap or rethink this.”

As he continued, Jim Cornette suggested an alternative idea for what they should have done for this AEW Dynamite segment.

“What I would have done with this, the same guys except the therapist, who needed to go back to Pornhub, do this as a sit down with a real announcer. Jim Ross, they were doing sit downs with him, or Tony or Taz. Somebody, a grown adult male that would be sitting in front of him, or in the middle of these people try to air out their grievances and let the Gunn boys legit dig into Billy a little bit.

“‘You weren’t there for us, you know, when you were on the road with DX and being a big rockstar, we were home with mom, I was five years old and you didn’t go to my football game. And now you have these f*cking…’ whatever, right?”

And then he could fire back at him that he was out on the road, making money to feed them and educate them and give them all the things they had. That’s why they’re so spoiled now because he gave them everything they wanted growing up. ‘Yeah, you gave us everything we wanted except your time.’ And then The Acclaimed could jump in and say we didn’t want to take your place. Your jealousy drove your dad away. We wanted to be friends with all of you, they could get some real emotions up in this shiznit, as the kids say.”

“But instead it was scripted, and phony and needed to be written and produced. Not even written, but just developed. You don’t write this stuff. What would the real argument be in this situation? And they’re really the father and real sons, so do it. But you produce it and you shoot it better, where it doesn’t look like phony entertainment bullsh*t. And then you’d have something.”

On this week’s February 1st edition of AEW Dynamite, Billy Gunn accepted The Gunns challenge for a Tag Team Title match against The Acclaimed, which could lead to Billy screwing over The Acclaimed to help The Gunns win the AEW Tag Team Titles.

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