Jim Cornette Blasts AEW For “Burying” Tag Teams

Jim Cornette

Jim Cornette has slammed the recent handling of some of AEW’s tag teams and thinks that they have been let down by their booking.

The Acclaimed and FTR are two of the hottest acts in AEW currently, receiving huge ovations on whatever show in whichever town they’re competing in.

The two teams formed a brief supergroup in an eight-man tag team match on Dynamite in Boston where they defeated Swerve In Our Glory and The Gunns.

Speaking on his Experience podcast, Jim Cornette – a man that knows a thing or two about tag team wrestling – explained why he thinks this match did nobody any favours:

“So on this programme here come The Gunns, The Ass Boys. They’ve got Stokely and William Morrissey in their corner. And then here comes Keith Lee and Swerve and they don’t do a fist bump. Keith Lee will not bump Swerve’s fist, and the announcers made sure to make note of that. And then here comes FTR and they get a huge ovation for the most buried hidden tag team in AEW, and then here comes The Acclaimed with a tonne of applause and a big ovation because they’re incredibly popular now, so we got to figure out a way to do something about that.”

“And they figured out a way to do something, but they’re gonna have an eight-man tag team match that doesn’t do anything for anybody. And to make sure that we know that Billy Gunn is still mad about being kidnapped and having his fingers cut off apparently with pliers by f*cking dipsh*t Swerve, Billy Gunn runs out and tackles Swerve before the match starts and BJ Whitmer comes out and kicks Billy Gunn out of ringside.”

“Again, they’re burying these teams in eight-man tags. I guess Tony’s statistics fixation, they can say well, here’s another match in the win column or whatever the f*ck but it does nothing for anybody. It makes no sense, there’s multiple issues going on here.”

Jim Cornette then offered an alternative that he thinks AEW should be focussing on, putting The Acclaimed and The Gunns in the ring with FTR as often as possible so the two less experienced teams can learn:

“The Gunns and The Acclaimed should be working tag team matches with FTR to learn something, along with every other young tag team in AEW. They should be working tag team matches with FTR whether on TV or on YouTube or whatever, and FTR should be winning every single one of them, except for The Acclaimed obviously, right now. And at the same time, these young teams could be learning something.”

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