Jey Uso Says Work In WWE Seems Easier Now

Jey Uso wearing 'Yeet' t-shirt

Jey Uso is more confident in his abilities than ever before.

Over the past few months, Jey Uso has moved on from his impressive tag team career and broken out as a top singles star in WWE. At Backlash in France, the star was given a true Main Event ovation by the audience who lit up their phones and danced along to the star’s theme.

While he came up short in his attempt to win the World Heavyweight Title from Damian Priest, the event helped solidify his place in the main event scene. In a new interview with Alex McCarthy of the Daily Mail, Uso explained how his recent evolution had its roots in the pandemic era and working with Paul Heyman and Triple H.

“I’m actually more confident than ever right now. I took all the tools that they gave me. During the pandemic era, being with Hunter and Heyman in the room, just with The Bloodline, just us, going over and spitting ideas. I learned all that, and now I apply it on my own. And then working with Hunter right now as a single competitor, it’s cool. I feel like I finally earned that respect now, and it’s all love.”

Now that he’s come into his own as a singles star, Uso says he’s left his old anxiety behind.

“Work seems easier right now, all that worrying stuff, being anxious all the time, it’s out the way. Now I just go out there and I’m on the if I’m on the card that night, I make sure I’m bringing energy. That’s just my thing. I just want to dial it up. During the show, when I come out, I feel like there’s a spike here. Even if you never watched wrestling, it was like, ‘Alright, who’s he? He’s got to be a main player.'”

Jey Uso Takes Ownership Of “Fireflies”

Fans lighting up their phones during a star’s entrance isn’t a new thing in WWE, with Bray Wyatt having been lit to the ring by fans during his entrance for many years. Now, though, Jey Uso has proclaimed that the fireflies belong to him in a post where he paid homage to Wyatt by signing off as the “Yeeter Of Worlds.”

H/T to MailOnline for the above transcription.