Jey Uso Makes His Choice On SmackDown

Jey Uso

The future of The Bloodline is in tatters as Jey Uso made his choice on SmackDown and turned on Roman Reigns.

At Night of Champions, the tensions in The Bloodline erupted as Jimmy Uso floored Reigns with two super kicks as Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens retained their WWE Tag Team Championship against Reigns and Solo Sikoa.

When The Usos got in the ring on the 2nd of June edition of SmackDown, Roman Reigns was not in a forgiving mood as he ordered Jey Uso to kick Jimmy in the face as retribution for what happened in Saudi Arabia. Jey Uso didn’t do that but he appeared nervous while Jimmy Uso stood up defiantly to Reigns.

Roman Reigns finally embraced Jimmy Uso but ultimately rejected his request for a new respect-filled Bloodline and allowed Solo Sikoa to take his older brother out.

That left Jey Uso with a decision to make as to where his future lay and in Lexington, Kentucky, Uso made his choice.

Jey Uso made clear once again to Reigns that if he was to stay with The Bloodline then Paul Heyman would have to be banished but Reigns wasn’t interested in that as he explained that he and Heyman have been grooming Jey as the next Tribal Chief for the past three years.

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This brought out Jimmy Uso to try and convince his brother that Reigns was using him and it was time to turn his back on The Tribal Chief. As Reigns and Heyman sewed more seeds of doubt in Jey’s mind, he gave his twin brother a dressing down before telling Jimmy that he was out of The Bloodline before adding “And I’m out too” as he super kicked Roman Reigns in the face.

A shocked Solo Sikoa went after his older brothers but they both delivered superkicks to him as the longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions in history stood tall before delivering one more superkick to the man they now used to call Tribal Chief.