Jerry Lawler Predicted To Make Full Recovery Following Stroke

Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler is thankfully on the mend after suffering a stroke and now his social media has given the latest update on the WWE Hall of Famer’s condition.

On the 6th of February, the news broke that Jerry Lawler had been rushed to hospital following a medical emergency. It soon became clear that it was believed Lawler had suffered a stroke and underwent emergency surgery.

As the hours passed, the updates on The King’s condition thankfully became more and more positive with his longtime broadcast partner Jim Ross saying that he spoke to Lawler the day after his surgery.

Jerry Lawler’s social media account has now given the latest positive update on The King and confirmed he did suffer a massive stroke leading to his hospitalization:

“Update on Jerry: After suffering a massive Stroke Monday. He is now recovering in a Fort Myers, FL hospital. His speech is limited, but with rehabilitation will regain a full recovery. He thanks everyone for the continued prayers and will be back in the near future.”

Jerry Lawler appeared on WWE programming just two weeks ago, as he was part of the panel for the Royal Rumble 2023 kickoff show.

Everyone at TJRWrestling continues to send their best wishes to Jerry Lawler in hopes of a full and speedy recovery for The King.