Jeff Jarrett Reflects On WWE’s Radical Transformation

Jeff Jarrett Reflects On WWE's Radical Transformation

WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett shared his insights into the evolving dynamics of the wrestling industry.

During an episode of the “My World” podcast, Jeff Jarrett discussed the transformative journey of professional wrestling and its current state.

Jarrett acknowledged the ongoing shift in the wrestling landscape, highlighting WWE’s strategic collaborations with various entities, including Pro Wrestling NOAH, Marigold, and TNA Wrestling, a company he co-founded. He emphasised these alliances as indicative of the positive changes reshaping the industry, showcasing the global scope and diverse partnerships that have redefined wrestling’s trajectory.

Commenting on WWE’s ventures with international and domestic organisations, Jarrett remarked:

You look at WWE, and now they’re working specifically with a Japanese company, another American company, you just kind of look at the world of professional wrestling.

He cited the unprecedented fusion of politics and wrestling, exemplified by the appearance of Donald Trump on Logan Paul’s podcast, as a testament to wrestling’s expanding reach beyond traditional boundaries.

Jarrett also pointed to AJ Styles’ return to his wrestling roots as a significant departure from previous industry norms, illustrating the industry’s remarkable evolution.

AJ Styles going back to a place that he literally started at, that was unheard of a generation ago. Completely unheard of.

Expressing his enthusiasm for the positive developments in wrestling, Jarrett emphasised the industry’s radical transformation in a favourable light.

The business has radically changed, I mean the Netflix deal coming. I mean it’s just changed in a positive way is what I’m saying. I love all the feel-good moments.

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