Jeff Jarrett Praises Top AEW Tag Team

Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett has the opportunity to add AEW gold to his incredible career, but in the build up toward AEW Revolution has declared one team as being “box office”.

Jay Lethal and Jeff Jarrett will be competing for the AEW Tag Team Championships later tonight at AEW Revolution, with one of their opponents earning ‘Double J’s’ praise.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Jeff Jarrett discussed The Acclaimed and the role Bolly Gunn plays, highlighting the chemistry between a group he feels are “the breakouts” of AEW.

“It goes without saying. You’d have to be living under a rock to not know they’re (The Acclaimed) gonna rap. But Max (Caster) does his own deal and I think it’s real and authentic and it totally connects with our audience. As I said, we live in such a transparent world that when he takes digs at whoever it may be, it resonates immediately and he’ll always tie in — in Dallas, he tied in Luka (Dončić) and whatever it may be, he resonates.

“When you look at them as a package and I was interested in how you were kind of rolling that (question) out and I’ve done my research on those guys and where they came from and you know, one in Jersey, one in New York, how they’re both going to the same school but yeah, just the magic of putting them together.”

“But when I take a step back and really look at the package, to me, adding — and you know, as far as in-ring, I’m not saying that but when you add in — I call him ‘granddaddy ass’ but when you add Billy Gunn, whatever you wanna call him, you kind of look at Billy’s role in DX and I’m not drawing a complete analogy here but I believe the chemistry of the three brings — one plus one plus one doesn’t equal three in this equation. I think it takes the presentation of the charisma of all three to another level and look, Max and Bowens can both go, they’re both youthful.”

Jeff Jarrett would go on to praise the box-office appeal of The Acclaimed as a presentation.

“But to me, it’s just a fantastic box-office attraction because just as we were talking a few minutes ago, you can do a few moves here and there but is it really gonna resonate? We’re talking about it. So, you know, MJF may have great verbal skills but he can’t rap. Max can rap and it’s authentic and real.”

“Bowens can talk, Billy has his lineage in the business and when you kind of put it together and the scissor and everything, it just is a true box-office attraction that is homegrown and I think that is something when you look at that diverse roster, they’re breakouts and we just kind of answered our own question. Why are they breakouts? Well they’ve got athletics, but they also can talk and you kind of combine the three, it works.”

Jeff Jarrett recently highlighted the importance of AEW to develop talent and highlighted the success of AJ Styles and Samoa Joe during his time running Impact.

Lethal and Jarrett earned a title shot after winning the Tag Team Battle Royal on AEW Dynamite, and now face off with The Acclaimed, the team of Danhausen & Orange Cassidy plus the defending Champs, The Gunns.

Taking place in the Chase Center, San Francisco, AEW Revolution will be the company’s first PPV in California.

Headlined by an Iron Man Match for the AEW Title, the card includes Five Title matches and will see Christian Cage and ‘Jungle Boy’ Jack Perry take their feud into a Final Burial match.

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