Jeff Jarrett On Endeavor WWE Takeover – “Change Is In The Air”

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WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett commented on the WWE no longer being solely under Vince McMahon’s control.

On September 12th, WWE officially merged with UFC under parent company Endeavor to form TKO Group Holdings. While Vince McMahon remains Executive Chairman of the Board, this merger marks the end of him having complete control over the sports entertainment giant.

Speaking on the latest episode of My World, AEW Director of Business Development and WWE Hall of Famer commented on the monumental occasion, saying this marks the first time WWE is not a family-run business.

“Today is the first day that the wrestling business can no longer say it’s a family business. The McMahons were truly the last of the territories. Yes, they grew and went national, then went global, then went public, but at the end of the day, it’s the last territory. On Christmas, or Thanksgiving, or Holidays, whether the McMahons sat around the kitchen table or not, it was still a family run business.

“Change is in the air, and it always happens that way. As much change that has taken place coming out of the pandemic, you just look at our industry and I think 2024 — the business will continue to rapidly change in multiple ways, and what an upswing it’s been on.”

“Change Is Inevitable” – Jeff Jarrett On WWE Takeover

Jarrett’s cohost Conrad Thompson mentioned the fact that staff cuts are expected across the board following the merger, and Jeff Jarrett responded that he doesn’t see this as a bad thing. According to Double J, radical action is necessary if good things are to happen in the future.

“It’s the only mindset. We could come up with so many old sayings, but I don’t think old sayings get to be old sayings unless they’re true. You can’t walk through a new door unless you leave the old door. It’s impossible to climb the mountain top unless you’re in a valley. Change is inevitable, good things happen. Nothing happens if you don’t take action, take massive, radical action. You gotta shake the bushes, try to make something happen, have some patience here and there. There’s so much opportunity.”

h/t Fightful