Jeff Jarrett Names “Flawed” WWE Hall Of Famer For His Wrestling Mount Rushmore

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WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett recently unveiled his personal wrestling Mount Rushmore, shedding light on the names that hold significant reverence in his esteemed list. Notably, Jarrett underlined the inclusion of the controversial yet revered Jerry “The King” Lawler, asserting Lawler’s unquestionable presence in his wrestling pantheon.

In an instalment of “My World with Jeff Jarrett,” the veteran wrestler turned podcast host articulated his deep admiration for Lawler’s professional prowess. Jarrett lauded Lawler as a multifaceted and intrepid wrestler whose contributions to the wrestling industry are indisputable.

Looking at Lawler through the lens of a businessman, not only my fandom, and throwing a great punch, throwing him across the – Lawler wasn’t afraid of any bumps.

Despite Lawler’s tumultuous journey in the wrestling world, Jarrett accentuated his profound impact on ticket sales, arguing that Lawler’s presence on any wrestling Mount Rushmore, including his own, is non-negotiable.

All the wrestling stuff and that’s cool, again a flawed human being, the ups and downs, and the story behind the story, but the business side of it and how many tickets he sold? For me? I don’t see how he’s not on a Mount Rushmore. He’s certainly on mine.

However, Lawler’s wrestling career has been marred by health adversities, including a heart attack witnessed live on WWE television and a subsequent stroke in 2018. Currently, he is recuperating from a knee replacement surgery, further underscoring the enduring legacy of his wrestling tenure.

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