Jeff Jarrett Names AEW Star As “The Best Storyteller In Modern Wrestling”

Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett has high praise for one AEW star.

At AEW All Out, Bryan Danielson returned to the ring for the first time since breaking his arm at Forbidden Door. The American Dragon took on Ricky Starks in a highly-praised strap match that saw both men bloodied and beaten by the time the bout was through.

Danielson emerged victorious, and speaking in media scrum after the event, he admitted that Ricky Starks carried him through much of the match as he’s still dealing with his arm injury.

Speaking about the match on his My World podcast, WWE Hall of Famer and AEW Director of Business Development Jeff Jarrett was full of praise, calling Bryan Danielson an “unbelievable storyteller.”

“I think he is the very best storyteller in modern wrestling. I think he has a unique ability. I believe on last night’s card (AEW All Out), it’s the one match that people had no idea that it was going to have the impact on the night that it did. I can’t say enough good things about it. He is an unbelievable storyteller, brutal straps and everything that goes with it, and you know, there was interference and whatever you want to get into it, but that place was rocking. They loved it and it was brutally hard, and I’m, you know, personally happy for Starks.”

“That Match Is Irreplaceable In Ricky Starks’ Career” – Jeff Jarrett On Bryan Danielson Strap Match

Continuing, Jeff Jarrett noted how important it is for younger talent like Starks to have marquee matches against veteran talent, citing examples from WWE’s past.

“Guys coming up in this business, you know, you look back on different careers, you know, I think Kurt gave it to Cena. Scott Hall gave me a match that, okay, okay. There’s certain matches that you have with older veterans or guys that are already up on top that they’re irreplaceable.

“I believe that match is irreplaceable in Ricky Starks’ career. I think it will be. I think it’s gonna stand the test of time like oh wow, and look at the circumstances that had happened. Had not all of the other set of circumstances happened, he’d never had this opportunity. So the grand weave, you never ever know what is gonna come down the pike next.”