Jeff Jarrett Names Three Hall Of Famers That Really Pushed Him In The Ring

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Jeff Jarrett is reflecting on his legendary career by naming three Hall of Famers that pushed him to the limit.

During a pro wrestling career that has seen him take on a variety of different roles including that of an owner and booker of TNA Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett is most well known for his 30+ years as a wrestler.

Remarkably, Jeff Jarrett is still an active wrestler in All Elite Wrestling at the age of 55 years old. Jarrett is part of a group with his friends Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt and the giant Satnam Singh. While Jarrett has yet to win a title in AEW, he’s challenged for the AEW Tag Team Titles with Lethal on numerous occasions.

Jeff Jarrett is a former World Heavyweight Champion in both WCW and TNA/Impact while also holding the Intercontinental Title in WWE along with numerous others. He was inducted into both the TNA/Impact and WWE Hall of Fames as well.

Due to how long he has been a professional wrestler, when Jeff Jarrett speaks about how great a pro wrestler is, people should listen because he’s a man that knows what he is talking about.

On a recent episode of his My World with Jeff Jarrett podcast, Jeff chose WWE Hall of Famers Shawn Michaels, Jerry “The King” Lawler and Kurt Angle as three wrestlers that really pushed him to the limit when he worked with them.

“For different reasons, I’ve got to say, remove the personal side of it, Kurt Angle. Here I am still wrestling week-to-week, but when [TNA] signed Kurt…I had been a heavy force as an in-ring talent from 2002, when we launched, up until about 2006, and I went away. Kurt was there day in and day out.”

“So I’ll say this, in my mind, my best days of in-ring competition were pretty much in my rearview mirror. I’d never said I retired or nothing like that, but in 2010 when me and Kurt had our series of matches there was a competitive nature because who doesn’t want to compete with an Olympic gold medalist?”

As he continued, Jeff Jarrett praised Shawn Michaels for his incredible ability in the ring and belives Jerry Lawler is a master at the little things you need to do in a match.

“Shawn Michaels in the 90s. Every time, I don’t care if it’s a singles, tag team, or if I was tagging [with Shawn] or whatever. Shawn, I loved to push myself. I think his athleticism is just right up there.”

“Then in a unique way, [Jerry] Lawler. When I was working with Lawler I wanted to — his psychology is so good. Less is more. He’s just an absolute master at the subtleties and small things that you do in a match. We did [hour-long matches] a couple of times in Tennessee. We had some matches in Memphis beyond that. So those three, I feel, are guys that I wanted to compete with and really achieve — I’m sure I’m missing a few here and there, but those three, off the top of my head.”

Kurt Angle would likely agree with Jarrett about Shawn Michaels especially because recently, Kurt called Shawn the best wrestler of all time.

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