Jeff Jarrett Reveals If Goldberg Was Really TNA Bound


TNA founder Jeff Jarrett has opened up about the company’s attempt to bring in Goldberg and if such a deal was ever close to happening.

Goldberg made his name in WCW, leading the company’s charge against WWE during the Monday Night Wars. Following the company’s demise in 2001, the former WCW World Champion joined WWE two years later but only spent a single year there until he made an unexpected return in 2016.

Speaking on his My World podcast Jeff Jarrett discussed the early days of TNA and was questioned by co-host Conrad Thompson on if moves were made then to try and lure Goldberg to the upstart promotion:

“Not at this point. Dixie [Carter] had a lunch with him several years later that I think you could classify on Dixie’s part for sure, substantially [as trying to bring him in]. I don’t think on Bill’s part.”

Jarrett then noted that Goldberg made plenty of money throughout his career and he always felt the cost of bringing him in would be something TNA would be unable to meet:

“Bill made a lot of money in WCW and made a lot of money at WWE. Bill’s a businessman first and foremost. I never viewed any of the conversations with Bill as substantial, strictly off of there isn’t enough money for Bill to come.”

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h/t Wrestling Inc.