Jeff Jarrett Blamed For Polarizing Wrestling Gimmick

Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett was the founder and long-time booker of TNA which went on to become Impact Wrestling and now it seems Jarrett was the brains behind one of the promotion’s more divisive gimmicks.

Suicide was originally a character on TNA’s video game before the company wanted to bring him to life by putting Frankie Kazarian under a mask and having him fill that role. The Suicide character is a two-time X Division character and over the years has been portrayed by the likes of Christopher Daniels, T.J. Perkins, Jonathan Gresham, and Kiyoshi

The man behind the mask when Suicide returned to Impact Wrestling in 2017 was Caleb Konley and speaking on The A2theK Wrestling Show, Konley noted that Jeff Jarrett was entirely behind the divisive gimmick’s return:

“Jeff Jarrett is completely to blame for Suicide returning, he’s probably to blame for all of the Suicide stuff, honestly, I don’t know. I was just hanging out at home waiting for an opportunity to come my way and they had me under contract.

“I got a call one day, and they said, ‘Do you want to do this?’. It was cool. At times it seemed directionless, but at the same time because of Suicide, I got to wrestle in Australia, I got to a couple of tours of England out of it, I got to wrestle in India for Impact, I got to see a whole lot of the world because of this dumb masked character.”

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The Suicide character returned to Impact Wrestling as recently as 2021 when he was involved in a battle royal to claim a shot at the Impact World Championship.

h/t Fightful