Jeff Hardy’s AEW Return Blasted By Jim Cornette

jeff hardy aew dynamite chair

Jeff Hardy made his return to AEW television for the first time in months but for Jim Cornette, the company has only made the same mistake twice with the star.

Jeff Hardy had been absent from AEW for several months after being charged with another DUI. Hardy’s return to Dynamite mirrored his initial debut in the company as he came to the rescue of his brother and long-time tag team partner Matt Hardy who was being taken out by The Firm

Speaking on his Experience podcast, Jim Cornette thinks AEW has repeated a mistake with Jeff Hardy’s comeback and thinks the former WWE Champion could be used in main event angles:

“Jeff Hardy’s music plays and instantly the place blows, they go crazy, they hit their feet, they’re standing up. And he hits the ring and it doesn’t look necessarily pretty and they don’t care. He beats up the heels, he hits a Swanton and he hugs Matt Hardy and the place is going berserk. And I can’t believe that not only has Tony f*cked this up again, but in exactly the same way as he f*cked it up the first time.

“He has reunited the Hardys against people that nobody gives two dog sh*ts about. And to be honest, I don’t even think they particularly cared or were caring that he reunited the Hardys. I think they were happy Jeff Hardy was back, and he could have hugged Matt or he could have hugged Bozo the Clown or Randy Atcher, or it wouldn’t have made any difference.

“They have a new singles main event babyface that they could use sparingly, so to protect his physical well-being, in important singles matches on pay per view, or a highly rated television programme. They could build three of them over the next six months with a couple of little angles, a couple of live interviews, and a f*cking payoff to each one of them. And they could make money out of Jeff Hardy.

“But instead, he runs out in a meaningless angle involving every miscellaneous jobber in the company and his own brother who’s become one of [the] same. And unless this is going to be just the way they reintroduce him. And then he goes on to specific targeted angles with main event guys, that he can control his level of punishment in and frequency of. If they instead just put him in tag matches or in a rivalry with this jobber stew, they have again, been handed an amazing box office attraction, and shot it in the nuts on the same night.”

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