Jeff Hardy Names Some Goals For The Rest Of His Career

Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy has set some lofty goals for himself and hopes to make them come true before his wrestling career comes to an end.

Jeff Hardy has been wrestling more or less nonstop since May 1994. Over the course of that near-30-year career, Jeff has wrestled all over the world for a variety of promotions. And while he has achieved immense success, he has also had major personal issues along the way.

Jeff has had substance abuse issues going as far back as 2002 and he has struggled to overcome them. These issues caused him to be released from WWE in 2003, led to a major black spot on his career at TNA Victory Road 2011, and also put his AEW career on halt for several months.

Now, however, Jeff appears to be on the path to recovery. And given the goals he has set for himself, he’s going to have to avoid making the same mistakes he’s made several times in the past.

Speaking to MuscleManMalcolm, Jeff Hardy wants to accomplish two things: still be wrestling at age 50, and have one more world title run.

“It’s the last run, the last good Hardy Boys run. I still have hopes, deep within my soul, that I’m going to have one more solo world championship title reign.

Every time I hear, ‘the Devil on a different level,’ I just chuckle. It’s so silly. He’s a poet and he don’t know it. Anybody. It’s one of the goals I’ve set for myself. Before it’s all said and done, to look back on it, ‘you came out of your own personal hell and achieved a world championship within your own personal heaven once again.’ That would make everything complete.

I’m a big believer that something could happen before I get home tonight that would end my career. It’s the little things that kill sometimes. I can’t put a number on it, but I feel like I’m going to be rocking until I’m 50. I’m 45 now. Between now and 50, I think I’m going to create many more moments.”

Jeff Hardy was away from wrestling for almost a full year when he was arrested in Florida for DUI and driving under a suspended license. The consequences of his actions were, among other things, a 10-year driver’s license suspension, a court-mandated DUI program, and paying $4,500 in court fees.

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