JBL Reveals His Most Favourite Opponents He Ever Worked With

JBL Reveals His Most Favourite Opponents He Ever Worked With

WWE Hall of Famer John Bradshaw Layfield, popularly known as JBL, recently divulged the names of his favourite opponents from his illustrious wrestling career.

During an interview with The Bermuda Sun, JBL expressed his utmost admiration for The Undertaker and Eddie Guerrero, naming them as his top choices. Layfield couldn’t help but shower praise on The Undertaker, hailing him as the absolute best in the business. Additionally, he spoke highly of Eddie Guerrero, acknowledging his status as one of the most beloved Hispanic characters in wrestling history. According to JBL, both wrestlers possessed unparalleled talent, professionalism, and an undeniable ability to captivate audiences.

The Undertaker was [by] far the best. He and Eddie Guerrero who was probably the most popular Hispanic character of all time? And those guys were just magicians. Those guys were so good and so professional and talented.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive experiences, JBL also revealed the challenges he faced when he lacked chemistry with certain opponents. He expressed his frustration, believing that as a performer, it was his responsibility to ensure the audience had an enjoyable experience and felt their money was well spent.

With some guys, I wrestled hard, they wrestled hard but there was no chemistry. It’s frustrating because you want people to be happy. After all, they’re spending hard-earned money. You want them to enjoy the show but I walked away thinking ‘I just didn’t do my job.

Was JBL A Bully In WWE?

While many performers have claimed that JBL is a bully, Maven when speaking on his YouTube channel said that Layfield is not a bully. Maven stated that Layfield is just loud, boisterous and jovial which is mistaken for him being a bully.