“Me And Okada Is Bigger Than Omega – Okada” – Jay White

Jay White switchblade

‘Switchblade’ Jay White thinks that his upcoming match with Kazuchika Okada will surpass that match from Wrestle Kingdom 11.

On January 4th, 2017, Okada and Omega put on what many fans still call the best match of all time. Countless wrestling boards have been filled with fans saying it was the best match they’ve ever seen, it’s the match of the year/decade/century, etc. The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer rated Okada/Omega I six stars, which set in motion an explosion in allegedly-greater-than-5-star matches that have become far more common in recent years.

But one person who isn’t buying that hype is Jay White. In an interview with Sports Illustrated, White expressed his frustrations with being seen as inferior to Kenny Omega and how he wasn’t the Bullet Club leader people wanted after Omega left. But he’s here to stay and he claims he’s going to surpass arguably the most famous match of the 2010s.

“This isn’t a story to me. This is my life. I’m not the guy people wanted when Kenny left. But whether they liked me or not, they couldn’t deny how good I was or how ready I was to step up to that position. Now they know they were wrong. This is my title and my time. Me and Okada is even bigger than Kenny-Okada.”

Aside from this, Jay White also hopes that the Bullet Club stable expands into as many different promotions as possible, and appears to be happy with The Good Brothers being ‘Bullet Club representatives’ in WWE. However, the whole Karl Anderson/NJPW situation remains murky and a source of internal frustration in New Japan.