Janel Grant’s Lawyer Hits Out At Vince McMahon Intimidation Tactics

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Janel Grant’s lawyer says the release of a ‘love letter” written by her client is nothing more than an intimidation tactic from Vince McMahon’s legal team.

On January 25th former WWE employee Janel Grant filed a lawsuit against Vince McMahon, WWE, and John Laurinaitis. The suit includes allegations of sex trafficking and claims by Grant that both McMahon and Laurinaitis sexually assaulted her.

On April 1st, the New York Post published a 2,200-word ‘love letter’ written by Grant to McMahon in December 2021. Grant’s lawyer Ann Callis claims her client was coerced into writing the letter.

Speaking in a new interview with POST Wrestling and Wrestlenomics, Callis said the release of the letter was an intimidation tactic.

“It was a tactic to intimidate Janel and victim-shame her,”

Callis also said it was “right to assume” that references to “Nick” and “Brad” in the letter were references to WWE President Nick Khan and Chief Operating Officer Brad Blum. WWE has denied that Khan and Blum were aware of any allegations of abuse.

In the letter, Grant also mentioned “Paul,” which led some to speculate whether this was Triple H. However, Grant said this was a reference to Paul Mangieri who works for WWE as an executive assistant. A source familiar with WWE told POST Wrestling that the “Mickey” mentioned in the letter is Mickey Mangieri who worked as an assistant for Vince McMahon.

When asked whether Triple H was aware of the relationship between Grant and McMahon, Callis said she was unable to comment but added “We do have witnesses still coming forward [about] the knowledge of executives at the WWE.”

Vince McMahon’s Lawyer Responds

Vince McMahon’s attorney Jessica Taub Rosenberg said in a statement to POST Wrestling that it “made no sense to coerce someone” into writing 24 drafts of a lengthy love letter.

The letter opens with the line “Here we go again… draft 24…”

Callis said that the number of drafts was just further proof of misconduct.

Rosenberg added that Callis is trying to “explain away” the letter which shows a consensual relationship, not an abusive one.

“Ms. Grant wrote this love letter to Mr. McMahon. Her attorney is now desperately trying to explain it away because it shows the relationship was consensual and the lawsuit’s allegations are a sham. The false explanation that it was ‘coerced’ is nonsense.”

Rosenberg said more pieces of evidence will come to light showing Grant’s claims are “meritless.”

“Ms. Grant’s letter is just one piece of evidence demonstrating the relationship was consensual and her allegations in the lawsuit are false. There are more pieces of evidence like this to come that will prove her claims are meritless.”

In a new statement to POST Wrestling, Edward M. Brennan, attorney for John Laurinaitis, reiterated earlier claims that his client was also a victim of McMahon. Brennan added that if Laurinaitis wasn’t removed from the lawsuit, he’d “clear his name and reputation in court.”

Representatives from WWE and the TKO Group didn’t respond when asked for comment on the report.

H/t to POST Wrestling