Jake Roberts Recalls His Snake Biting A Stripper’s Nipple

Jake Roberts snake bites Macho Man

WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts has recalled a story that has surely been discussed around many boardrooms and dinner tables over the years – the time his snake bit a stripper.

They say wrestling used to be the wild west back in decades gone by and one man who epitomised that notion – for better or worse – is Jake Roberts.

Speaking on his DDP Snake Pit podcast – courtesy of AdFreeShows – Jake Roberts recalled the time when he and The Undertaker were intent on getting a quiet drink after a show one night and how that turned into Roberts’ snake biting a stripper somewhere you don’t want to be bit:

“Mark [The Undertaker] and I, we finished the show in Houston and we were really tired. We just wanted to go someplace where we can listen to music, drink a couple of beers, you know, chill out. So we stopped at this gentleman’s bar. Well, come to find out there weren’t many gentlemen in there. There was a whole bunch of young guys that were whistling and screaming at girls that were naked, it was a strip joint.”

“We went in there anyway and we found our little corner. But as soon as we came in, the best-looking girl in the place starts ragging on both of us. ‘Oh, looky here. It’s the phony wrestlers. You guys are sh*t, y’all ain’t nothing. You’re not fighters. You’re not wrestlers. You’re just doing a stupid act. wrestling fans are stupid…’

“And just kept going on and on, so we sit down and she’s still on stage doing this sh*t. [She] quit dancing, but then somebody told her I’m Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts. [She responds] ‘Oh my God. You’re the absolute worst you and that phony snake.’ Phony snake? What are you talking about? [She says] ‘I know that snake is not real.’ Really? ‘Oh, yeah. If you had it with you, I’d get on stage and show everybody it’s not real. I dance with it. Yeah.’ Before I can say anything Mark said, ‘go get that motherf*cker.'”

“So I couldn’t disappoint him. So I went to the car and I got it, and it was that King Cobra, the one that bit [Randy] Savage. So I brought it in the bag and just set it on the table. This bimbo walks over and jerks him out of the bag, I’m like, holy sh*t, she’s gonna get bit right now. And she gets up on stage and she says ‘See I told you folks, it’s not real. It’s bullsh*t. He’s got some delivery mice over there. He turns it makes it move and stuff. Look at this stupid b*stard.’”

“As she’s doing this. She starts dancing. She’s going around the pole the third time, the snake struck, perfect. Got the whole nipple in his mouth and he’s biting and she’s screaming but she’s still running around the pole. She lets go of this thing that is holding on by her nipple. She is screaming her ass off, and that is where I will end the story.”

As Glen Goza once sang, R-A-S-S-L-I-N, that’s rasslin’.

h/t Inside The Ropes