“Ugly, Racist, Bully Bastard” – Jake Roberts Slams Legendary Wrestling Promoter

Jake Roberts takes the mic

Jake Roberts has some not-so-kind things to say about legendary wrestling promoter Bill Watts.

During his Hall of Fame wrestling career, Jake “The Snake” Roberts was most known for his run in WWE, but he also spent time working in other places like WCW and also Mid-South Wrestling as well.

While in Mid-South, Roberts crossed paths with Bill Watts, who ran the promotion. While Watts has often been credited for having a great mind for pro wrestling, he has also been criticized by many people for being difficult to deal with depending on who you were.

On a recent episode of his Snake Pit podcast, Jake Roberts unleashed on the kind of person that Watts was.

“Don’t get me wrong, I respect the man for what he can teach you about wrestling, but as far as a human being, he was ugly, racist, bully bastard.”

Roberts went on to talk about how Watts treated Ernie Ladd, who is a black man.

“He disrespected Ernie Ladd, called Ernie Ladd words I won’t say – you know what word I’m talking about. Because he knew Ernie couldn’t do anything about it because he needed the job.”

As he continued, Jake Roberts explain how you couldn’t speak up against Watts because it would affect your pay.

“If you started moving your way up the card, then you don’t want to go back down the card. All it takes is a pencil and an eraser and you can go from making 1,500 a week to making 700 a week. That was good money then.”

Watts was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2009 while Roberts was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014.