Jake Roberts Picks Winner In Haku Vs. Harley Race Fight

Jake Roberts Picks Winner In Haku Vs. Harley Race Fight

WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts shared chilling details of a notorious brawl involving the legendary Haku.

Known for his fearsome reputation in the wrestling world, Haku’s toughness has become the stuff of legend, with tales of bar fights punctuating the early chapters of his career. During a candid episode of The Snake Pit, Jake Roberts delved into the intense rivalry between Haku and Harley Race, passionately asserting Haku’s dominance in any real-life confrontation.

However, the conversation took a turn as Roberts recounted a gruesome bar incident in which Haku bit off a man’s nose that he personally witnessed, leaving an indelible mark on his memory. The incident unfolded in 1989 at an airport bar in Baltimore, Maryland, becoming a chilling testament to Haku’s ferocity. Roberts, with a mix of horror and humour, vividly described the shocking act, revealing:

I was there! I witnessed it! I got a beer. F**k, I had to have a beer after that s**t.

With a touch of grim humour, Roberts continued to narrate the brutal aftermath, stating:

He bit it off, man, there was just two holes there. He bit the f**king nose off! I nose you’re in trouble! Teach you to be nosey!

Despite the gravity of the situation, Roberts managed to find levity in the shocking occurrence, emphasising the impact it had on everyone present. Haku’s reputation as one of the toughest men in the wrestling industry was further solidified that night.

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