Jade Cargill Says WWE Dream Match Is A “WrestleMania Main Event”

Jade Cargill

Jade Cargill wants to face The EST in the biggest match on the WWE calendar.

After weeks of rumours and speculation, it was finally announced that Jade Cargill is the newest member of the WWE roster and the latest name to depart from AEW. As Cargill has not faced off against any members of the WWE roster before, there is a long list of first-time opponents for the former TBS Champion.

Following the announcement of the signing, fans are already starting to fantasy book future matches for Cargill, with Bianca Belair’s name being frequently mentioned.

Speaking with ESPN following the signing, Belair’s name was mentioned and Cargill was asked if she was interested in facing the former Women’s Champion. Cargill responded by saying that a match against Belair would sell tickets and could be one of the biggest matches of a WrestleMania weekend:

“It’s definitely a WrestleMania main event. That is something that will have people glued to the television screen. Something that will have people buying out stadiums. That’s a dream match. People will show up and show out for that one,”

Where Will Jade Cargill Debut?

Now that Cargill’s wrestling future has been revealed, the biggest question fans have is where will the new signee debut, as it is still unclear whether Cargill will begin her career in NXT or go straight to the main roster. During the same interview, Cargill did confirm that she knows which brand she will be a part of but fans will have to watch all 3 shows in order to witness the hotly anticipated debut.

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