Jackie Redmond “Feared For Her Life” During Drew McIntyre Chaos

Drew McIntyre

Raw General Manager Adam Pearce has claimed that Drew McIntyre left WWE host Jackie Redmond fearing for her life at Money In The Bank.

An irate McIntyre interrupted the Post-Show following the Premium Live Event in Toronto, Canada, still furious after unsuccessfully cashing in his newly acquired Money In The Bank briefcase following interference by fierce rival CM Punk.

A host of WWE officials attempted to intervene with McIntyre eventually taking out his frustrations by attacking the Raw General Manager.

Pearce, himself a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, has has held an on-screen authority role on WWE television since January 2020, eventually being awarded with a promotion to Raw GM by WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H on 13th October 2023.

Speaking the following day on social media site ‘X’, Pearce addressed the controversial scenes and claimed that Redmond was left terrified by the former WWE Champion’s actions:

“Last night in Toronto was emotionally charged in so many ways. Good and bad. Understatement.

I personally apologize for the interruption to the post show and my anger. Poor Jackie feared for her life. Understatement.

Decisions to be made regarding McIntyre/Punk. Understatement.”

Drew McIntyre Set For Huge SummerSlam Bout

The feud between McIntyre and Punk has been at the forefront of WWE television for months and looks set to come to a head at SummerSlam in Cleveland, Ohio on 3rd August.

The bout is amongst the most hotly anticipated WWE matches in years and looks set to become a reality after long-term injury victim Punk announced that his in-ring return is imminent.