Jack Perry Got Superstar Reaction After All In Footage Aired Says Tony Khan

Jack Perry go to sleep pose

Tony Khan thinks the decision to air the backstage footage of AEW All In has done wonders for the recent reaction to Jack Perry.

CM Punk reopened old wounds during WrestleMania week as he claimed AEW was not a real business and Tony Khan was not a real boss. CM Punk aired his frustrations from his ill-fated time in the company while giving his side of the story of what happened between himself and Jack Perry at All In which led to Punk getting fired by the company.

In response, Tony Khan decided to air the CCTV footage from the incident which was not a decision that sat well with many. Despite that, Tony Khan has explained why he felt that choice made sense and AEW have folded the story into the upcoming match for the AEW World Tag Team Championship between The Young Bucks and FTR at Dynasty.

However, the CCTV airing also seemed to have caused a massive increase in interest for Jack Perry who has not yet been seen in AEW since the incident.

Jack Perry Gets Superstar Reaction Says Tony Khan

Speaking to Chris Russell, Tony Khan discussed the reaction to the tape and how it led to Jack Perry receiving a huge ovation – both good and bad – in Chicago at NJPW Windy City Riot:

It was fascinating to see after that tape played, the reaction that Jack Perry got at New Japan Pro Wrestling this week, he got the reaction of a superstar. That is not altogether unexpected and it’s something very interesting, perhaps a side effect of this. Jack Perry [is] already a big star in wrestling, really the way the crowd connected with him in Chicago, that was interesting to see.

It remains to be seen when Perry will return to AEW but after The Young Bucks shouting out ‘The Scapegoat’ in recent weeks, he could play a pivotal role in The Bucks’ match with FTR on April 21st.