Jack Perry Responds To AEW Star After Forbidden Door – “F**k You”

Jungle Boy Jack Perry throws FTW Title

Jack Perry stunned the crowd in Toronto at Forbidden Door when he turned on his partner HOOK and now he has two words for another AEW star.

Jack Perry is a frustrated man and that frustration boiled over at Forbidden Door where he chose to implode his friendship with the cold-hearted handsome devil HOOK. The two men have formed an association on screen in recent months in AEW but JungleHOOK is clearly no more.

At Forbidden Door, Jack Perry took advantage of SANADA’s open challenge as he answered the call to face him for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. SANADA proved to be too much, however, as he defeated Perry to retain his title.

After the match HOOK – who Perry had asked to be in his corner for the match – helped his friend up the ramp and raised his hand to let Perry take in the adulation from the crowd for a hard-fought effort. Perry then proved he did learn something from Christian Cage after all as he took out HOOK with a vicious clothesline.

Perry then mocked the fans in Toronto who showered him a “you f*cked up” chant – a chant that HOOK’s father Taz agreed with wholeheartedly on commentary. Jack Perry then had a long look at HOOK’s FTW Title belt before throwing it at his now-former partner.

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Another partner in HOOK’s life, Danhausen, gave his take on the situation on social media, writing:

“HOOK, Danhausen would never do what Jangleman Jack Jerry did”

Jack Perry then showed just how much he has changed as he responded to Danhausen, giving him a short but sharp rebuttal:

“What, have a good match? F*ck you.”

It remains to be seen what Jack Perry has in mind for his future but if he wants to hold the FTW Title, he’ll have to do what nobody has done in AEW as of yet and defeat HOOK.