Is Hulk Hogan Scientology’s Newest Recruit?

Hulk Hogan praying

A new report has suggested that the controversial Church of Scientology may well be courting WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan as its latest recruit.

There may be no more iconic star in the history of professional wrestling than Hulk Hogan. He ascended to superstar status throughout the eighties, leading WWE into the rock ‘n’ wrestling boom before being a key part in the runaway success of Vince McMahon’s WrestleMania.

For the best part of a decade, Hogan was at the forefront of WWE’s success and then in the nineties, he reinvented himself and helped revolutionise the wrestling business all over again as part of WCW and the New World Order.

Despite his fame and success, in recent years Hogan has proved to be a controversial and divisive figure. He was caught using racial slurs that were recorded and leaked publicly, and he also found himself on the end of a sex tape scandal that ended up netting The Hulkster a $31 million settlement from Gawker Media.

Now the latest chapter in Hogan’s colourful career could involve the Church of Scientology. The CEO of the Aftermath Foundation – a group that helps former members of the Church adjust to the outside world – Aaron Smith-Levin took to social media to express his dismay that Hulk Hogan appears to be spending a lot of time with Scientologists, including movie megastar Tom Cruise.

The Toronto Sun picked up on earlier reports from Smith-Levin who had previously revealed that Hulk Hogan was in a relationship with 2nd generation Scientologist Sky Daily. Her parents are said to be operating at the highest auditing level in Scientology – Operating Thetan Level 8.