Io Shirai’s Condition To Stay With WWE Revealed

Io Shirai

Despite uncertainty around Io Shirai’s WWE future, it now seems there is one condition which would need to be met for her to stay.

Over the last few weeks there has been speculation that Io Shirai already has “one foot out the door” of WWE, after not agreeing to sign a new contract when her current deal is due to expire in the next few months.

On 12th July 2022, the former NXT Women’s Champion took to social media to deny the claims, calling talk of a WWE exit “rumours”.

In a new update from Dave Meltzer in his Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there is seemingly still a contract on the table if Io Shirai wishes to sign it. However, sources close to Shirai have commented that she will only sign the deal if it involves moving to the main roster.

Those at NXT said last week that at the time Shirai had not signed a new contract that had been offered. They believed she was returning to Japan and Stardom now that Stardom has stronger financial backing from Bushiroad. Those close to Stardom did not indicate she was coming back, although did believe she would be moving back to Japan if she wasn’t on the main roster.

As noted, if she lets her contract expire without renewing she could work anywhere, whether it be Japan or the U.S., immediately. Still, she disputed this report. She had been injured and not been used in months but has been back training at the PC lately.

Those who know her from Japan said she went to WWE with the goal of making the main roster and believe she would stay with a main roster deal. We haven’t heard about her signing a new deal this week after checking but there is an offer on the table and her current deal hasn’t expired yet.

Io Shirai’s last appearance on NXT programming came at Stand And Deliver on 2nd April, since which point she has been sidelined with injury.