Iconic WWE Group Reunite (PHOTO)

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One legendary WWE group has had a reunion.

The Nation of Domination was first formed in WWE in October 1996 when Faarooq took on Clarence Mason as a manager before adding Crush and Savio Vega to the stable that was inflated by JC Ice and Wolfie-D along with several unnamed members.

By the summer of 1997, things began falling apart and in June 1997, Faarooq cleared the group out, only retaining the services of D-Lo Brown. Kama Mustafa soon joined the group as did Faarooq’s perennial rival Ahmed Johnson. Johnson’s time in the N.O.D proved short-lived and he was quickly replaced by a young star named Rocky Maivia.

In January 1998, as Maivia had already morphed into The Rock, Mark Henry joined the group and by the springtime, The Rock had the group onside to be able to kick out Faarooq and take over as The Nation’s “ruler.” A few weeks after that development, Owen Hart joined the stable but things didn’t last too much longer although long enough to have an infamous feud with DX.

WWE legends reunite – minus The Rock

Taking to social media, Mark Henry has now shared a photo with his former Nation of Domination partners with all of them clutching their former championship belts. Notable by his absence is The Rock.

Faarooq (Ron Simmons), Mark Henry, and Kama Mustafa (The Godfather) have all been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame following the end of their in-ring careers and there are frequent calls for the Nation of Domination to be inducted as a group at some point.

The Rock, however, might not be done with his in-ring career as he made a surprise return to WWE television on SmackDown.