“I Wasn’t Shocked”: Jim Ross Opens Up About Former WWE Superstar’s Death

Jim Ross spoke about the untimely passing of Andrew “Test” Martin and why the former WWE Superstar’s tragic passing didn’t shock him.

In the realm of professional wrestling, the frequency of tragic deaths can unfortunately desensitise fans and industry insiders to the profound human toll behind these losses.

Andrew James Robert Patrick Martin, known professionally as Test, entered the world on March 17, 1975, in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. His ascent within the WWE marked him as a promising “homegrown” superstar, earning him recognition and acclaim. Test’s career was marked by significant achievements, including the Intercontinental Championship, European Championship, and Hardcore Championship. His notable feud with Shane McMahon and involvement in a storyline with Stephanie McMahon added to his legacy.

Additionally, Test tasted success in the tag team division, clinching both the WCW Tag Team Championship and the World Tag Team Championship alongside Booker T. Tragedy struck on March 13, 2009, mere days before his 34th birthday, when Test was discovered lifeless in his Tampa, Florida residence. His untimely passing was attributed to an accidental overdose of oxycodone, underscoring the fragility of life beyond the wrestling ring.

In reflecting on Test’s passing during an episode of Grilling JR, Jim Ross remarked:

“It was his biggest opponent, drug addiction. He couldn’t win, he didn’t win, and it killed him, That is as abrupt an ending as you can ask for. I must tell you that when I heard that he had passed away, I wasn’t shocked because he became very dependent on painkillers, muscle relaxers, and downers in general.”

Jim Ross Helped WWE Landing Major Star Despite Working Elsewhere

The former WWE head of talent relations has certainly proven that he has an eye for talent over the years. However, Jim Ross once helped his old company in such a capacity despite not working there. Ross was instrumental in some of the greatest talent of all time working for WWE including The Rock, Mick Foley, John Cena, Brock Lesnar, and more.

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