Hulk Hogan Discusses Why Bret Hart Hates Him

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Hulk Hogan has given his opinion on why Bret Hart seems to hate The Hulkster due to issues going back 30 years.

The year 1993 was 30 years ago when Hulk Hogan was near the end of his decade-long run at the top of WWE while Bret “Hitman” Hart was ready to carry the ball as the WWE Champion.

Bret Hart had paid his dues by that point as a tag team wrestler that was very successful as part of The Hart Foundation and then Bret delivered some all-time great matches competing for and defending the Intercontinental Title.

As for Hulk Hogan, he was in a tag team match at WrestleMania 9, yet he left with the WWE World Title after winning a quick match against Yokozuna, who had just cheated Bret Hart out of the WWF Title thanks to the nefarious Mr. Fuji.

In the 30 years since, Bret Hart has claimed numerous times, including in his book (it’s detailed at length here) that Hogan was supposed to drop the WWE World Title to Bret at King of the Ring 1993, but Hogan refused, so Yokozuna got the title back instead.

During an appearance on the Full Send Podcast, Hulk Hogan spoke about how Bret Hart thinks that Hogan sabotaged his career.

“Bret Hart, who thought I basically sabotaged his career because Bret thought he should have been the greatest wrestler that ever lived. He said it was my fault.”

Hulk Hogan went on to do his best to explain the 1993 WWE Title situation with Bret Hart while also mentioning their discussion with Vince McMahon.

“I don’t know. It’s just different. Some guys see things differently. Like the Bret Hart thing, I really didn’t understand because when he got pissed at me, I won the belt from Yokozuna at a WrestleMania, where Bret lost and Bret told me to go in the ring and wrestle, and then I won the belt right after Bret wrestled.”

“The deal was for me to drop it back to Yokozuna. Then Bret got in my face, like ‘Hey, you were supposed to drop the belt to me.’ I said, ‘No, I’m not.’ He goes, ‘Yeah you are.’ I said, ‘Let’s talk to Vince, then.’”

“So we both went in and sat down and talked to Vince, and Vince looked at Bret and said, ‘Bret, that’s what you thought you heard.’ Ever since then, he hated my guts and wanted to kill me.”

In late 1997, Bret Hart made the move to WCW where Hulk Hogan was one of the biggest stars, so it was a chance for them to have a main event rivalry.

Then when Eric Bischoff asked me if I could work with him at WCW, I said, ‘Hell yeah, bring him in. I can work with anybody.’ All of a sudden, we had about eight or nine great matches. We got along great, we traveled together, we had eight or nine good matches, and then when WCW’s over, he hated me. I said, ‘Okay. Whatever.’ But it’s just stuff like that.

Elsewhere in the interview, Hulk Hogan claimed that he had 25 surgeries in a row due to all of the injuries he has had during his pro wrestling career.

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