Hulk Hogan – “Vince McMahon’s Plane…I Used To Call It The Slave Ship”

Hulk Hogan Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon was never destined to work a 9-5 and one of McMahon’s biggest stars, Hulk Hogan, has discussed just how much he expected of him as well.

With Vince McMahon at the helm of WWE by the mid-eighties and Hulk Hogan the company’s biggest star and WWE Champion, the two men were at the forefront of the boom period which led to the first WrestleMania in 1985. For most of the next decade, Hulk Hogan was the man on camera that fans wanted to see while McMahon pulled the strings behind the scenes.

Speaking on The MMA Hour, Hulk Hogan discussed the recent takeover of WWE by Endeavor and explained just how hard McMahon worked to get where he is today:

“Business-wise, the amount of money it generated for him, and where it’s put him in this catbird position, up on this financial pedestal, I understand the security of it. Shocked that he would not be 24/7 involved with the business. That guy never stopped. It was seven days a week.

“I’d go to Monday Night Raw, and we’d have a post-production meeting at one o’clock in the morning after the show was over. I’d sneak back to my hotel, he’d be banging on my door at 2:30, 3:00, ‘Come on, monster. Let’s go work out.’ Used to drive me crazy.

“Then he’d sleep for four hours and have another 20-hour day. It was like that every day. His plane, he had a big extended G4, I used to call it the slave ship. He talked me into going on it and flying to Monday Night Raw, then he’d never let me go home. ‘Oh, come on back to New York for three days. We need to California for a day.’ So I was surprised that he walked away from the lifestyle because that was him, he loved it.”

During the appearance, Hulk Hogan also addressed his past issues related to racist comments he made that were captured on tape. Hogan referred to the incident as a “speed bump” and claims “everybody” knew that’s not who he was.

h/t Fightful