Hulk Hogan Teases One More WWE Match

Hulk Hogan pointing

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan caught everyone’s attention on Monday Night Raw as he teased one more match.

Monday Night Raw saw WWE celebrate 40 years of Hulkamania with the 23rd of January 2024 marking the 40th anniversary of Hogan capturing the WWE Championship for the very first time from The Iron Sheik.

The celebration was highlighted in a video package with Hogan being interviewed for the occasion. Hogan had kind words for current WWE stars such as Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes as he also helped hype up the upcoming Royal Rumble. Towards the end of the interview, Hogan noted regarding the Rumble “You never know who’s gonna show up. You never know, I might have one left in me.”

Hulk Hogan A Polarising Figure In WWE History

While Hulk Hogan is no doubt noted for his achievements in the wrestling business as he led WWE through the boom period of the eighties and repeated the trick in the nineties for WCW, there are many who would rather Hulkamania remained a memory.

Hulk Hogan was caught on tape using racial slurs in the past and any apologies for his behaviour have been panned as disingenuous by many.

In recent years, Hulk Hogan has suffered from serious back issues that have resulted in several surgeries. In recent months, Hogan has been seen walking with a cane which would indicate that a return to the ring is likely not on the cards for The Hulkster.