Hulk Hogan Reveals Which Stars He Had The Biggest Issues With

Hulk Hogan Randy Savage in WWE

Hulk Hogan might be the biggest and best wrestling star to some but to others, his legacy is clouded by his very public issues in later life but now The Hulkster has revealed which two wrestling stars he thinks had the biggest issues with him.

Hogan was undoubtedly the wrestling star of the eighties and he reinvented himself and ignited the wrestling war in the nineties as he embraced his Hollywood side in the NWO. However, allegations of backstage politicking did not always make the star popular with his fellow wrestling stars, to say the least.

Speaking on the Full Send podcast, Hulk Hogan opened up about two men who he has had issues with over the years but noted that he holds no ill will to either of them:

“It was Macho Man [Randy Savage,] and when he lived on the beach here [in Tampa], we were together every single day. And then, when he went through a divorce [with Elizabeth], he thought I had something to do with it, and so that turned out to be like, an eight-year ‘don’t talk to each other’ thing. We finally got on the same page about six months before he passed away, thank God.

“The only other person was Bret Hart, who thought I basically sabotaged his career, because Bret thought he should have been the greatest wrestler that ever lived, and he said it was my fault. [Shrugs] Okay?”

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Hulk Hogan also recently touched on the racist comments he was caught on tape saying some years ago, with the WWE Hall of Famer referring to them as a “speed bump.”

h/t Wrestling Inc.