Hulk Hogan On AEW – “They’re Doing A Great Job”

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan has praised AEW and the level of talent they have, admitting they could go head-to-head with WWE.

Hogan became a household name during his WWE run in the 1980s which saw him headline eight WrestleMania’s before leaving in 1993.

Despite joining WCW in 1994, it was not until a shocking heel turn during Bash at The Beach in 1996 that Hulk Hogan made his biggest impact on the company.

Joining forces with Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to form the New World Order, a faction that would help see WCW Nitro beat WWE’s flagship Monday Night Raw for 83 consecutive weeks.

Hulk Hogan was speaking with Ariel Helwani on the MMA Hour, discussing the latest head-to-head battle between AEW’s Double or Nothing PPV and WWE showcasing their future Superstars with NXT Battleground.

The Six-Time WWE Champion explained how he feels AEW is “doing a great job” but just needs more time to become competitive with WWE.

“I was talking to somebody, and I equated it to NASCAR drivers. You need seat time. You need to spend time in that seat until you start winning championships. It’s almost like AEW is on track. They’re kind of like the little engine that could, and they’re on track.

I just think they need more seat time. They just need to be around just a little bit longer to be really, really, really competitive, where they could go head to head on Monday nights, but they’re moving forward quite quickly. They’re doing a great job over there,”

The Two-Time WWE Hall of Famer would go on to explain he is a big wrestling fan and that he regularly watches AEW.

“I record everything, brother. I’m a wrestling fan. I record everything, and I’ll sit back and I’ll fast forward through stuff and watch stuff I want to watch. If a match is the shits and I can see it going nowhere, I’ll blow right by it. But yeah, they got a lot of talent over there, a lot of good guys.”

During the interview, Hulk Hogan discussed the potential of one final match and which WWE Superstar he would want to face.

Hogan has also shared his thoughts on Roman Reigns as the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion surpassed 1,000 days as Champion.

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