Hulk Hogan Has No Feeling In His Lower Body

Hulk Hogan

Kurt Angle has discussed the current state of wrestling legend Hulk Hogan and says the WWE Hall of Famer no longer has feeling in his lower body.

Hulk Hogan was in attendance for the 30th anniversary edition of Raw, opening the show with ‘The Mouth of the South’ Jimmy Hart. Hogan was just one of many legends on the show with DX, Kurt Angle, and Ric Flair all part of the festivities.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show – courtesy of AdFreeShows – the Olympic gold medallist discussed talking with Hulk Hogan at the show and the health struggles The Hulkster is having to deal with:

“I did speak to Hulk Hogan for a bit of time for about a half hour and I also spoke to Undertaker for about a half hour. Those two guys are the two guys that I wanted to catch up with when I went there, so I was very happy to be able to do that.”

“Hogan had his back surgery again. He had the nerves cut from his lower body. He can’t feel his lower body, so he has to use his cane to walk around. I thought he was using the cane because he has pain in his back. He doesn’t have any pain. He has nothing at all. He can’t feel anything. So now he can’t feel his legs, so he has to walk with a cane. That’s pretty serious, man. I mean, I really feel for Hogan. He put his heart and soul into the business and it ate him up.”