Hulk Hogan Drops Festive Bombshell: His Top Christmas Movie Choice

Hulk Hogan Drops Festive Bombshell With Unexpected Top Christmas Movie Choice

Hulk Hogan recently shared his all-time favourite Christmas movie, and it’s none other than the 1996 film Santa with Muscles.

Hulk Hogan took fans by surprise when he expressed his enthusiasm for the festive film in a recent interview with MrSantiZap. In the movie, Hogan takes on the lead role of Blake Thorn, a character who starts as the richest man in the world and undergoes a transformation into Santa Claus.

When asked about his holiday movie pick, Hogan couldn’t contain his excitement, saying:

You haven’t seen Santa with Muscle? Hulk Hogan as Santa with Muscles! I play Blake Thorn, the richest man in the world who turns into Santa Claus. Come on, man!

Adding to the film’s star-studded cast, Hogan revealed that Mila Kunis, known for her later roles in That ‘70s Show, Family Guy, and Black Swan, appeared alongside him in one of her earliest performances at the tender age of eight.

You know who’s in that movie? Ashton Kutcher! His wife is in that movie with me. She was like eight years old at the time,

Hogan shared.

Released during the peak of Hogan’s popularity as a professional wrestler, Santa with Muscles tells the story of Blake Thorn, an arrogant millionaire who experiences amnesia after a comical encounter with a mall Santa.

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