How Does The Rock Really Feel About WWE Heel Turn

The Rock WWE

The Rock is back in a big way in WWE and he’s revealed how he really feels about his return to being a heel after all these years.

WWE stunned the world when news broke that The Rock had been appointed to TKO’s Board of Directors in a huge moment for the company. Many fans had wondered if they’d see The Rock return to the ring for one last match, but with his new role, it seems like it might be a while before any talk of a final outing for the great one.

Instead, The Rock returned to WWE TV and it seemed after all these years fans would get the dream match of The Rock vs. Roman Reigns but WWE may have waited one year too long for that bout. Fans revolted at the thought of Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes stepping aside instead of finishing his story against Reigns so he was back in and The People’s Champ was not happy.

WWE pivoted with The Rock turning heel on Rhodes and the millions (and millions) of his own fans as Hollywood Rock returned. Now aligned with Roman Reigns in The Bloodline, The Rock will be part of a huge tag team match at WrestleMania as he returns to the ring for his first advertised match in 11 years.

The Rock Says New WWE Persona Is The Best

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, The Rock discussed his new role in WWE and how much he enjoys getting to tell fans that they are “cactus-loving crackheads” on live TV:

It is the best to go back to WWE in this ‘Rock 10.0’ version where I can become a heel and say the things that people want to say.

Kimmel joked with The Rock about generating buzz for WrestleMania 40 by attacking a nearly naked John Cena at the Oscars. The Rock laughed as he replied that Cena would have to be fully naked for him to attack the sixteen-time champion of the world.