How The Rock Is Really Behaving Backstage In WWE

The Rock WWE

The Rock is back in WWE and his presence has been an eye-opener to those who are stars in the company in their own right.

The Rock will headline WrestleMania once again when he teams with Roman Reigns to face the unlikely duo of Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins.

Since his return to the company, The Rock has been absolutely vicious, bloodying and whipping Cody Rhodes while dropping several curse words on live television. The Rock’s language was believed to have rubbed some WWE stars the wrong way after they were warned about it by management but it seems The People’s Champ is having a hugely positive effect backstage.

The Aura Of The Rock Has To Be Experienced In Person

Speaking on The Fan Morning Show in Pittsburgh, Corey Graves lifted the lid on how The Rock is conducting himself backstage after being asked if The Great One was as cool as he seemed on-screen:

Yes. I say that without hesitation because I’ve had a chance to get to know him just a little bit. I wouldn’t say I ‘know’ The Rock or I’m friends with The Rock.

There are very few people on earth who star strike me, and despite the fact that he’s technically my boss now, he’s on the (TKO) Board of Directors, I have gotten to see him week to week with some regularity, the aura of The Rock has to be felt in person to be understood.

We were in Dallas a few weeks ago for SmackDown and my brother was down there. I invited him down. He was right behind my commentary desk, so he could be in the arena to feel the electricity. Pun heavily intended. My brother, who is a special wrestler in his own right and has wrestled all over the world, he was a little kid again when The Rock’s music hit.

You talk about presence and aura, The Rock is as big of a star in person as you would hope he would be, but he’s always incredibly gracious and will take time out of his day to do what needs to be done to make sure the business succeeds at the highest level.

Plans for The Rock’s return to the company had to be changed due to the overwhelming fan support for Cody Rhodes finishing his story against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. A report recently lifted the lid on how The Rock really feels about WWE having to pivot his storyline.

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