“Hollywood” Hulk Hogan Actually Appeared In WWE Before WCW

In the 1980s, Hulk Hogan stood as the epitome of virtue and heroism in the WWE, personifying the essence of “Hulkamania” and embodying the company’s monumental rise to national and global prominence.

Despite having previously portrayed a villainous character, Hulk Hogan’s transition to becoming the ultimate American hero and the face of the WWE defined an era of unparalleled mainstream success for both him and the promotion. During this period, the notion of a heel turn for Hogan seemed inconceivable to fans and critics alike, given his iconic status as a beloved babyface.

However, the unexpected transformation eventually materialised, not within the confines of the WWE, but within its rival promotion, WCW. In 1996, Hogan orchestrated a shocking betrayal of his fans, shedding his trademark red and yellow colours of ‘Hulkamania’ in favour of a darker persona, donning black and white attire as the leader of the infamous ‘New World Order’.

The emergence of “Hollywood Hogan” marked a departure from the larger-than-life persona of Terry Bollea, reflecting a significant shift in character and image. However, the moniker “Hollywood Hogan” had been used in a wrestling context nearly a decade earlier.

During an episode of ‘Superstars Of Wrestling’ in 1989, the enigmatic Bad News Brown delivered a scathing promo directed at Hogan, repeatedly labelling him as “Hollywood Hogan” while threatening to dismantle his legacy and tarnish his championship reign.

“Take a look at these eyes, “Hollywood Hogan!” Take a look at this face, “Hollywood Hogan!” This is the face that’s gonna destroy you, “Hollywood Hogan!” This is the face that’s gonna put you out of wrestling, “Hollywood Hogan!” This is the face that’s gonna take away that WWF belt from you, “Hollywood Hogan!” This is the face that’s gonna make all those “Hulkamanics” hate your guts!”

Although this lesser-known segment has faded from public memory, it raises intriguing questions about the origins of the “Hollywood Hogan” name.

The Impossible Hulk Hogan Match That Was Made Possible

Fondly remembered by fans as one of WrestleMania’s biggest moments, the match between Hulk Hogan and The Rock was once thought unthinkable. Fortunately for WWE fans, with the arrival of the nWo and the return of Hogan in the promotion, the dream match took place at WrestleMania X-8 at the Toronto Skydome, also the setting for WrestleMania VI over ten years prior.

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