History Made During WWE Crown Jewel Title Match

dakota kai iyo sky crown jewel wwe damage ctrl

The new WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions made history when they found a way to regain the titles they recently lost.

At WWE Crown Jewel on November 5th, the Damage CTRL duo of Dakota Kai & IYO SKY became the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

What was historic about the title change is that Kai & SKY were the first women in WWE history to win a title – or in this case tag team titles – at a show in Saudi Arabia.

The title win didn’t come easy for Kai & SKY since the team of Alexa Bliss & Asuka beat them for the titles this past Monday on Raw. This time, however, Kai & SKY had some help whether they knew they were going to get it or not.

During the chaotic conclusion of the match, Bliss was legally in the ring against Kai while Asuka & SKY were battling on the floor. When Asuka & SKY illegally made their way into the ring, the referee correctly tried to get them out of the ring. While that was going on, Nikki Cross randomly showed up at ringside, got a hold of her former tag team partner and Cross hit Bliss with a twisting neckbreaker off the top rope. Kai capitalized on the situation as the referee turned around and counted the pinfall giving the Damage CTRL team the titles.

Kai & SKY are now two-time WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Unfortunately for Kai & SKY, the leader of their Damage CTRL group, Bayley, failed to capture the Raw Women’s Title from Bianca Belair. That was a Last Woman Standing Match with Belair getting the win after she trapped Bayley in between a ladder and trapped it under the turnbuckle, so Bayley had a tough time breaking free.