Hiromu Takahashi Interested In AEW-NJPW Forbidden Door 2 PPV

Hiromu Takahashi

New Japan’s junior heavyweight ace Hiromu Takahashi wants to come to Toronto for AEWxNJPW Forbidden Door 2.

Hiromu Takahashi was originally scheduled to participate in the first Forbidden Door show but wasn’t able to wrestle due to a fever. However, wrestling in North America has awoken something in him that makes him want to come back to this side of the Pacific.

In an interview with NJPW, Hiromu explained that since he’s already been in North America already this year, his attitude regarding wrestling on the Forbidden Door 2 card is “might as well”.

“Also, since I’m in America, let me tell you this. I couldn’t go [last year]. But there will be [a Forbidden Door show] this year, right? Maybe in June, Forbidden Door. I’d love to be there.”

Additionally, Hiromu Takahashi explained how happy he was that one of New Japan’s newest events, the All Star Junior Festival, was held in the United States.

“I never thought that the All Star Junior Festival that we did in Japan would be held here in Philadelphia. I’m sure Rocky did a great job with this. I heard Rocky said he wanted to do it after watching the [first show].

I didn’t think it would be held here in Philadelphia. I’m so excited…We couldn’t invite foreign players in Japan. Why couldn’t we invite them? Transportation costs. It costs a lot. This is actually a tough problem.

But you can do it here in America, you don’t have to worry about it. I’m in. Rocky-san, of course I’ll go. Even though we’re on opposing teams, we shook hands.”

h/t Fightful for the transcription