Why Veterans Had Heat With The Undertaker Over WWE Hall Of Fame

The Undertaker at WWE Hall of Fame 2024

The Undertaker has faced a backlash after appearing at the 2024 WWE Hall of Fame.

WrestleMania weekend was a busy one for The Undertaker who hosted his One Deadman Show, inducted Muhammad Ali into the Hall of Fame, and even managed to squeeze in a Chokeslam on The Rock.

While ‘Taker’s cameo in the main event of night two was popular with fans, not everyone was impressed by his appearance at the Hall of Fame.

Speaking on his Six Feet Under podcast, the legend revealed he’d received criticism from some military veterans for inducting Ali. The Undertaker has been an advocate for the US military for decades, and some seemingly questioned why he would then support someone who famously refused to be drafted in 1966.

“I got a little heat from part of the veteran community. Muhammad Ali refused to go into [military service]. He didn’t want to go to Vietnam. He didn’t see why [he should] go 6,000 miles from home and fight somebody he had no [problem with].”

The Undertaker went on to admit that while he didn’t agree with Ali’s stance for several years, and couldn’t support avoiding military service, Ali remained a great humanitarian.

Did The Undertaker Accidentally Reveal WrestleMania 41 Location?

On a different episode of his podcast, The Undertaker might have revealed the location of WrestleMania 41 — something WWE is yet to announce.

While discussing WrestleMania, The Deadman said the event will be “in Las Vegas next year,” adding “I think I’ve heard that.” The location for the event is still said to be up in the air, contradicting earlier reports that Minneapolis was set to host WrestleMania in 2025.

Las Vegas has played host to WWE’s showpiece event only once before. WrestleMania 9 in 1993 emanated from Caesar’s Palace and saw WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross make his debut for the company while dressed in a toga.

H/t to Wrestling Inc